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Polling on BC Shipyards

Polling results from a province-wide poll of 500 British Columbians conducted by Pollara and released in September 2002

The margin of error for questions asked to the entire sample is 4.4% at the 95% confidence level.

Q. When it comes to the province of British Columbia's major construction projects, how important do you feel it is that the government purchase services only from local industry?

Figure 1. Importance of Purchasing Services From Local Industries (n=500)

Figure 1

Q. Some people believe that it is important for a government to purchase goods locally to support the province's various industries. Others believe that the government's role is to purchase goods and services at the most competitive prices, even if this means buying from foreign suppliers. Which of these views is closest to your own?

Figure 2. Buying Locally versus Buying at the Most Competitive Price (n=500)

Figure 2



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